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Mike Moreland's Lawn & Landscape, Inc.
List of Services

We offer a full range of landscape bed maintenance at your home and/or business.  We will keep your landscape beds looking beautiful and eye-catching throughout the entire growing season, with anything from old mulch removal, weeding, pruning, mulching and fertilizing to watering them to keep them looking perfect!  We are happy to work with you in finding the best weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance schedule to fit your needs.
Whether you choose to have a new landscape installed or to update an existing one, we are here for you.  Our designers have many years of experience locally, and will help you decide what looks best and what will thrive in your landscape.  We will create the breathtaking landscape you have always wanted for your home and/or business, making sure that it is perfect for you!
Whether it's installing brand new landscape beds and plants or updating your existing beds, our designers and installers have over 25 years of experience to make your vision become a reality.  We will add value and eye-catching appeal to your home and/or business.
Mulching truly makes your landscape beds look amazing!  Your home and/or business will look breathtaking.  Mulch not only gives your landscape that finishing touch, but also helps control weeds and retain moisture in the soil.  The mulch we offer is 100% triple ground hardwood, colored or natural, and is insect- and disease-free.
Whether you choose to have a new hardscape installed or to update an existing one, we are here for you.  Our designers have many years of experience locally, and will help you decide what looks best.  We will create the breathtaking hardscape you have always wanted for your home and/or business, making sure that it is perfect for you!
Installing a hardscape will add a spectacular outdoor living area on which to spend time with family and friends, or to simply relax.  We will create the outdoor living space of your dreams by adding any of the features we offer.  Our experienced and certified designers and installers will help you choose the best style and color to compliment your home and/or business.  Here are some of the features we offer: 
  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Walkways
  • Stairways
  • Fencing
  • Fire Pits
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Planters
Let us breathe new life back into your existing hardscape.  We will make your hardscape look brand new again by removing any dirt, debris, rust or stains, and making minor repairs.  The old joint sand will be replaced with new joint-stabilizing sand, eliminating the need to ever pick weeds from your patio again!  And lastly, the hardscape will be sealed to protect and keep the natural elements out and keep everything looking new for years to come.  Think this is too good to be true?  Well, it's not!  You will be left speechless by the time we are finished with the restoration.
Worry-free and beautiful!  You could not ask for anything better when it comes to your lawn.  We know that your lawn is an important part of your home or business.  We do it all when it comes to lawn care, and we want to care for yours.  Let us give you and your family, or your customers, time to enjoy your lawn.
We will work with you to figure out a lawn mowing schedule that fits your life...weekly, bi-weekly, or as often as you need.  Each visit, we will mow your lawn with equipment that makes sense!  Mike Moreland's Lawn & Landscape is equipped with everything from 60-inch zero-turn ride-on mowers and 48-inch walk-behind mowers, to push mowers.  We will even use a trimmer to keep your landscape bed edges crisp and clean each visit if you prefer.  Anything you want, we will do it to keep your lawn looking perfectly manicured!  Get a quote for our lawn mowing services.
When it comes to keeping your lawn looking flawless, our NYS-licensed professionals offer it all, including organic lawn care.  Lawn management will help to keep your lawn weed- and insect-free, while fertilizing it to keep it healthy at the same time.  We offer a full season 5-step lawn application program, as well as single applications.
Installing or restoring a lawn the right way takes many steps.  Whether it's a brand new lawn or giving your current lawn a makeover, we have the tools and knowledge to get your lawn started right, and keep it healthy.  The following are some of the approaches we will use to provide you with the lawn your neighbors and/or customers will "ooh" and "aah" over (and when they do, please don't forget to tell them about us): 
  • Grading
The first step to your new lawn is making sure the area is graded properly.  Correct grading will ensure adequate drainage, and will prevent pooling of water around your foundation. Our expertise will deliver the look you desire, and complete it properly.
  • Top Soil
If needed, we will bring in topsoil to make sure there is a proper seed bed for the grass to get a jumpstart toward a thick, lush lawn.  We will make sure to also remove any rock or debris in the soil that could lead to an undesirable look, or cause improper germination.
  • Seeding
Our knowledge of the local growing conditions will determine what type of grass seed will grow and look the best.
  • Watering
We will give you the information you need to water your new lawn properly.  Don't want to water it yourself?  We will set up sprinklers on a timer to give you a worry-free, affordable watering system.
  • Sod Installation
Sod is an option that will take you from soil-to-lawn in an instant.  We will grade, topsoil and fertilize the area, and install sod.  This gives you an established look immediately.
Did you know that your lawn needs to breathe?  By penetrating the soil 2-3 inches, aeration gets crucial oxygen down to the roots to help promote their growth.  Aeration also helps water and fertilizer infiltrate down to the root system of the lawn, as well as reducing compaction in the soil, allowing the roots to spread.  Healthy roots equal a healthy lawn.  Depending on the age of the lawn, we recommend aeration in the spring or fall, when roots are very actively growing.
We offer two (2) different types of seeding for your lawn.  Both of these options will make your thin or patchy lawn thick and lush: 
1.  Over-Seeding
This procedure would occur immediately after the lawn is aerated, allowing the seed to land directly in the holes from the aeration.
2.  Slice-Seeding
Slice-seeding is done by a walk-behind machine that slices into the soil at various depths and places the seed directly into the soil.  This is generally done in a minimum of two (2) different directions to ensure the entire lawn has been seeded completely.
As you know, from spring to fall your plants are very actively growing.  We offer a variety of pruning services, and will work with you to determine the frequency of pruning needed at your home and/or business.  From shrubs to ornamental trees, we will remove any dead leafage, shape and trim your plants to keep them looking their best, and healthy.
Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy is very important for maintaining the best appearance for your home and/or business.  Our NYS-licensed applicators will fertilize your trees and shrubs in the spring with a root-injection system.  This will give your plants just what they need to thrive, be healthy, and resist insects and diseases.
We can help to keep your trees as healthy as possible by keeping them trimmed properly. Reducing crowding, crossing, and dead branches will improve the light, airflow, health and most importantly, the safety of all of your trees.
Whether it's due to a disease, insect problem, fallen tree, even just a nuisance, we will cut down and remove it for you.
Getting rid of stumps is a huge task. We have the equipment to remove any stumps and roots from a recent tree removal...or that stump you trip over every time you are in the back yard with your family.
Brush-hogging is used when a regular mower just doesn't have the muscle.  Brush-hogging is a great way to keep areas from being overrun by wild growth.  This is a service that is normally done in the summer and fall when plants are actively growing.  Whether it's reclaiming part of your land from stubborn brushy shrubs and saplings, or keeping your horse pastures groomed, our brush-hogging will do a great job!
The last thing you want is to have an infestation of insects damaging or killing your plants or lawn at your home and/or business. We offer a full range of preventive pest management. Our NYS-licensed applicators go above and beyond all standards to ensure we control your pests properly and safely.
Everybody knows how our properties can look after a long winter season. We will clean up your landscape beds of any debris as well as rake the lawn, giving the grass a big headstart into the growing season.
Nobody likes going out to rake up all of those fall leaves. Let us do it for you! We have a variety of equipment to move and/or haul away all those pesky leaves. Perennial cut-back can be included in your fall cleanup. We will cut all of your perennials back and get your landscape beds ready for winter.
Whether we like it or not, winter graces us with its presence every year. Let us fight back "old man winter" for you. Home and/or business, we offer a variety of services tailored to both. We will work with you to determine the level of plowing/removal, shoveling and de-icing services you require for your driveway, walkways and parking lots. We want to do our part to keep your family, employees and customers safe.

Mike Moreland's Lawn & Landscape, Inc.
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